India’s Supreme Court Give A Direction To Government For Controversial Internet Censorship Law 66A IT”

Today is a good day for freedom of speech on Internet like twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc in India. Supreme Court gives a direction on the ambiguous law 66A IT ACT that could be used to imprison citizens for content that they post online.

“The division bench said the public’s right to know is directly affected by Section 66A of Information Technology Act. The apex court also said Section 66A of IT Act clearly affects Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression enshrined under the Constitution.

SC, however, refused to strike down two other provisions of the IT Act that provide blocking of sites.

The Court said there is a difference between discussion, advocacy and incitement. Discussion & advocacy, no matter how annoying, is allowed said the division bench in it’s judgment. Court while delivering the verdict said liberty and liberty of thought is of paramount importance in a country like India.”

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Section 65-  Tampering with computer source documents – Intentional concealment, destruction or alteration of source code when the computer source code is required to be kept or maintained by law for the time being in force

Punishment – Imprisonment up to three years, or/and with fine up to 2 lakh Indian rupees.

Section 66- Hacking

Punishment – Imprisonment up to three years, or/and with fine up to 5 lakh Indian rupees.

Section 66A- Sending offensive message through electronic means (update) Exclude- Discussion on the internet, Share your view.

Punishment – Imprisonment up to three years, and with fine.


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